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The Business

Here at Doris Loves we have a whole host of goodies to hire! A Temporary Tattoo Station and a boxed DIY version which is a complete bargain, as well as spectacular range of battery powered Light Up Letters and words!!!

Although the background is more important than the form, it’s always more pleasant to read a nice document, let’s consider that the formatting is a bit the icing on the cake! First, what is your background? If you study communication, marketing or digital know that you will be expected at the turn. For other sectors, it will be a plus but don’t spend too much time on it! If you master the Adobe suite then no problem, preferably use InDesign to layout, add a little color and images to your internship report. Otherwise, the good tip is to use Canva which works a bit like Powerpoint but with more options and which provides models ready to be modified according to your tastes. Finally, if you have to make a paper format, go to a printing house to laminate/cardboard your report to give it a real professional rendering! Did you appreciate our advice? Share them with your friends in stress and if you are looking for other student advice, you can have a look at our blog, Read More Here https://typemyessays.com!

Hiring out our wares since 2012 we’re experienced with your wedding and events needs, so have a little look around and if you see anything you like then get in touch on the contact page! We’d love to hear from you!!!

The Team

Hi, I’m Emma Bovington (like the tank museum) the new owner of Doris Loves. I’m married to Dom, my wonderful geeky husband. We have 3 doggies- Poppy, Skye & Caesar and 1 foster dog at the moment – Princess – a long story that involves a 3,200 mile round trip in a car to get our passports stolen all in order to save a dog! (Yes we are quite that mad!!) My mum, Sue lives in our back garden. When I say back garden it’s not like stig of the dump or something, she has a lovely detached annex.

I currently run Uncommon Weddings a relatively new company that specialises in workshops and one2one sessions on DIY weddings, budgeting or anything that a couple wants some help with, whether its trouble shooting or product sourcing. I love what I do but when I found out that Doris Loves was up for sale I just could not turn down the opportunity of owning the business.

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Light-Up Letters
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Temporary Tattoos
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A New Start

2017 was a BIG YEAR for the Bovingtons. A new company for me, and a new start for Dom. Dom decided to become self employed so left the car industry where he was an IT bod for 14 years. In a similar vein to me the year before when I left the civil service after 15 years – where I did a variety of jobs, from passport control, training airline staff through to inspections and auditing!

I’ll be the creative, the FD, marketing bod and the admin for Doris Loves with my ever supportive husband being CTO and just the general dogs body! A bit more about me:- I love sharks, storms (but maybe not together), shoes, handbags (far too many to count) and football – I’m an avid season ticket holder of the red side in Manchester! I’m a clarinet player who almost went professional but decided that playing it for the love of it was much more my thing. I’m super organised, love planning and lists but am also creative and love coming up with ideas for people. I’m very excited about my new venture and look forward to meeting you all!

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