Hand with Temporary Boom Word Tattoo

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Welcome to Doris Loves

We are Team Doris Loves! We have been adding that extra something to weddings and events since 2012.

We love seeing our letters being used as an air guitar, held up aloft during the first dance, taking pride of place in a graduation ceremony, a backdrop to a staff Christmas party or being used for a promotional campaign.

Our tattoos are quirky, fun and add laughter to any event. They can also be used to get important messages across for charity campaigns, promotional events or even an honest to goodness company summer BBQ! You can hire us or go it alone (why wouldn’t you want to hire our lovely faces?)

Make yourself at home, whether that’s with a cup of tea or something a little stronger, take a look around and if you see anything you like then get in touch on our contacts page. We love hearing from you.  Its good to know we are not alone!

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